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$7.00Southern Egg Rolls

Roasted onions, peppers, corn, jalapeño, Queso cheese and a blend of spices. Served with guacamole for dipping.

$8.00Caprese Plate

Mozzarella, sweet Cherub tomatoes, basil with balsamic glaze

$12.00Spiced Shrimp

(8) Old Bay steamed shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce

$6.00Corn Fritters

(8) Served with cinnamon honey butter

$14.00Diver Scallops

(5) Seared with Balsamic Glaze.

$9.00Gouda Baby Mac n' Cheese

Aged Gouda and Parmesan with hints of bacon.

$9.00Fried Oysters

(6) With sweet chili sauce and savory balsamic glaze

$11.00Crispy Calamari

Lightly breaded rings served with a roasted Poblano Ranch dipping sauce


$5.00Lafayette Salad

Mixed greens with a house-made balsamic vinaigrette, spiced pecans and apple julienne

$6.00Goat Cheese Salad

Mixed greens in Champagne vinaigrette, topped with goat cheese, dried cranberries, and spiced pecans

$11.00Yoder’s Pickled Beet Salad

Tiny beets, feta cheese, sautéed onions, spiced pecans and topped with champagne vinaigrette

$8.00Grilled Romaine Wedge

With Bleu cheees, tomato, bacon, and drizzled Caesar dressing

$11.00Fried Green Tomatoes (4)

Over warmed goat cheese fondue, a small bed of greens and
balsamic glaze


Side portion of Sautéed Mushrooms - $3.00

Filet Mignon

8 Oz Duo | 12 Oz Trio | 16 Oz Quad


Filets with an herb butter

Duo $32 | Trio $44 | Quad $56

Filet Stack

Filets over onion straws, potato and topped with bleu cheese and balsamic glaze

Duo $34 | Trio $46 | Quad $58


Filets topped with garlic cream crab

Duo $39 | Trio $51 | Quad $63

Flame Grilled Flat Iron Steak

Regular 8oz $25 | Double 16oz $37

Brazilian Style- Smokey citrus & herb house made marinated OR Topped with a Chimichurri Sauce

Served with “gravy” topped rice and vegetable

$30.50Surf & Turf

Jumbo Crab Cake and 4oz Filet Mignon with herb butter

Baltimore Style Crab Cakes

Duo $29 | Trio $38

Broiled jumbo with house made Old Bay remoulade accompanied by julienne fries

$24.00Braised Boneless Short Rib

Hand-seasoned and over-seared, infused with a classic veal demi-glace and slow-braised for hours. Served with vegetable and potato

$24.00Pork "Butchers Cut" Steak

Pork Filet seasoned and seared to lock in the flavor. Stuffed with red pepper jelly. Texture meets taste! Served with a savory couscous and vegetable

$31.00Braised Lamb Hindshank

Deluxe heel-on hindshank hand seasoned and oven-seared. Then slowly braised in a classic demi glace for maximum succulence.

$22.00Chicken Lafayette

Chicken breasts with spinach, sun dried tomatoes sauce & goat cheese over a bed of rice

$23.00Blackened Atlantic Salmon

Sustainable Ocean raised. Cajun spiced & oven roasted- served with rice and vegetable

$28.00Diver Scallops with Onion & Mushroom Risotto

Topped off with crumbled bacon and a drizzle of balsamic glaze

$27.00Seafood Diablo

Old Bay Spiced shrimp, fish and scallops sautéed with tomatoes, onions and spinach. Dish is served in a lite broth over rice. (Spicy)

$23.00Lafayette Shrimp & Grits

Sautéed peppers, onions and shrimp in our own Southern Comfort barbecue sauce, served over fresh stone ground grits

$24.00Cajun Pasta

Onion, tomato, peppers and shrimp sautéed with a spicy parmesan cream sauce over pasta

(Vegetarian optional)

$19.00Three Cheese Ravioli (8)

Fontina, Parmesan & Ricotta cheese stuffed ravioli with choice of Vodka or Garlic Pesto Cream Sauce

$12.00Any Turf Can Surf

Add a Jumbo Crab Cake or Shrimp & Grit Martini to any entrée

Pralines To Go

Creamy Cajun Candy

Made from pure Louisiana cane sugar with whole pecans

One $3 | Two $5

Can’t finish your bottle of wine?

“Put a cork in it” and bring it home with you! It’s legal in Virginia.