table with silverware, plates, wine glasses and wine bottle


"Over 60,000 Chef Tasting courses (and wines) served!..."

Check out our popular "Chef Tasting" dinner for two. Our kitchen and staff personally assure a wonderful and carefully selected culinary experience, from the first appetizer through the dessert. Alan specially selects the wine pairings for each "Chef Tasting" and provides "commentary" about each offering as well! It’s romantic dining for two, ideal for proposals, anniversaries and special events for two.

Chef Tasting Dinner for Two

  • $145 per person. A "bargain" quoted from every couple (and small intimate group) that has experienced this.
  • Special cherished dinner. Served "flight style" (everyone getting the the courses at the same time)
  • Wine pairings from our house selections
  • Sample many appetizers, entrées and desserts. (10 courses!)
  • 6:00 Seating (Sundays at 5:00)- prepare to relax and enjoy. "Come hungry, come sober!"