Our Senior Member
Clementine, our senior member cat eating outside.

Cuddles Triplets
(Princesses triples not shown)
Cuddles triplets cats near cage.

The Name Says It All
Now the proud mother of three! (*)

Princess cat standing near bowls of food.

Cuddles snuggles up to others when they eat
... Also a proud mother of three (*)...apparently "cuddling led to more"

Cuddles the cat about to eat from food bowl

Meet Our Feral Family!

We have our share of occasional "drifters," but these are our regulars!

We're considering setting up a "Go Feed Me" account, as our feline friends eat enough to last nine lives! We've added a pavilion roof for their dining pleasure behind the kitchen. Guests are welcome to provide a canned treat when they visit. 

We know these photos aren't purr-fect, but we'll work on getting some better ones. Get to know them right meow!

(*) We are in an ACTIVE mode of having the family spayed or netured- but currently we are a lot better
at catching racoons than kitties!

Cats near arriving pickup truck
The Welcoming Committee

This is “just a glimpse” of the “Tent City” that Kaye has set up for our feral cat colony (and any passer buys)- protecting them from the frigid temps recently. What can’t clearly see- the grey tub is actually one of five…with heating pads she installed!

Tent city cat colony. Cat beds and containers.

(Kaye's playmate)

T-3 the cat sitting near food bowls

Greg (Pronounced Greeeg)
The family outcast?
Greg the cat sitting in front of food dish.

(AKA Solo "Clean up crew")
Bandit the raccoon eating from cat food dishes

AM Feeding Time
Before they figured out the pattern. Now they see
Kaye coming, and you can count 8-9 "standing on the ready"

Corridor of cat food bowls and cat beds